Bridging the Gap in Alternative Investing

LUCA streamlines complex investment process and delivers world-class alternative investment opportunities to a wider range of investors

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What is LUCA?


First alternative investment platform in Japan

Access to alternative investments has long been limited to institutional investors due to the complexity of the investment process. LUCA, the first alternative investment platform in Japan, streamlines this investment process through digitalization, making it possible to provide investment opportunities to a wider range of investors, including individual investors, by completing the process in one-stop.

Furthermore, as the market becomes more scalable through digitalization, the minimum investment amount for overseas alternative funds, which is usually said to be 500 million to 1 billion yen, can be lowered to tens of millions of yen or less.

Alternative investments in the past


Limited information access channels

Intermediaries and brokers complicating the process

Difficulty in comparison

Complicated account opening and ID verification process

Large minimum investment amount

Alternative investments at LUCA


One-click access to world-class funds

One-stop service covering subscription to reporting

Provides comprehensive comparison by asset class, strategy, region, etc.

Complete account opening and
ID verification online

Reduction of minimum investment size

What are alternative investments?

Alternative investments

Investments that emerged after traditional public market-traded stocks and bonds ("traditional assets") are called alternative investments.  Alternative investments are said to have been available after World War II, until they began to gain mainstream popularity since the 1980s.

Low correlation with the public market

As opposed to traditional assets, whose returns are highly affected by the fluctuations of the public markets, alternative investments have less correlation as there are not exposed to the public markets.


While listed stocks and bonds can be traded on the market on a daily basis, alternative investments are mid-to-long term investments under 5 or 10 years of span. In other words, the liquidity of alternative investments is relatively low.   However, some open-ended funds in alternative investments may have quarterly liquidity.

Why are alternative investments
in the spotlight now?

Low market correlation

Because of its risk-return profile, which are different from those of traditional assets, alternative investments are relatively unimpacted by market volatilities.

Portfolio diversification effect

A portfolio approach is expected to mitigate concentration risks.

Attractive risk-adjusted returns

Efficient asset management is likely to result in stable and effective investment returns.

Recommended for:

investors who aim to diversify their asets away from listed stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

investors who are interested in investing into tangible assets

investors who aim to diversify their assets with foreign Investments

investors who aim for high returns in a medium to long-term

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Features of LUCA


Complicated and time-consuming client onboarding, from eKYC to application, can be completed simply with just your smartphone.

Easy to compare funds

LUCA’s format is organized in a way that makes it easy to compare fund documents, which tend to be in very distinctive styles. The data room has all the necessary documents in one place, reducing the need for email exchanges.


Investment-related administrative procedures, such as capital call notifications, payment confirmations, and document signatures, can be easily viewed on LUCA’s dashboard, ensuring that there are no omissions in communication with clients.

The platform also allows investors to check the status of their portfolios by providing regular reports on the progress of their investments.

Flow of Use



Open an account

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How to login

Email is sent within 3 business days with login instructions.



ID verification and screening

LUCA Japan asks an investor to submit documents to verify his or her ID and the investor qualifications



Finalization of investment amount

LUCA Japan determines your amount to be invested (commitment amount) after coordinating with other prospective investors.




The investor signs the documents and enters into a contract.



Wire transfer

The investor to make payments of the commitment amount plus relevant fees.The first 50% of the committed amount must be paid in, with the remaining 50% to be paid later, depending on the fund's capital needs.


If you have any questions, please check here.

Can anyone invest through LUCA platform?

Alternative investment funds have investor requirements. Investors who meet requirements such as attributes of their asset status are eligible to trade. Specifically, investors who are classified as specified investors are eligible.

How do I get started as an investor?

You can get started as an investor with LUCA platform by contacting us with the form above and find out if you qualify to invest as an accredited investor.

Are alternative investment products focused on Japanese market?

No. Both Japan and offshore products are within our scope of investments.

What kind of product can I invest in?

Alternative investments such as private equity, venture capital, private debt, real estate and infrastructure funds. We plan to offer a broader range of alternative products in the future.

How do I know my investment performance?

The performance of your investments ismanaged and disclosed through LUCA platform.

Can I redeem my share?

Asset holding period varies by product but in general, redemption of the shares is not allowed.

From when is the LUCA platform available?

We are in the process of preparing for launch. For the latest update please sign up to our newsletter or get in touch through the form below.


Keiko Sydenham

Co-founder/CEO ​

Keiko has been involved in alternative investments since 2003, and after heading institutional investor relations at a U.S.-based asset management firm in Japan in 2007, she became the head of the Alternative Investment Strategy Office at JP Morgan Asset Management. She then worked as a Managing Director at Blackstone Group before joining LUCA as a founding member in 2021.

Motoya Kitamura

Co-founder / Director​

Motoya has worked for private equity fund management companies in Japan and abroad since 2005, including Macquarie Group, based in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Published "Introduction to Private Equity (PE) Investment for Individual Investors" (Chuokeizai-sha, Inc.) in October 2022.

Akio Tanaka

Co-founder/ Director

After serving as CTO of Macromedia Japan and CEO Advisor to Macromedia in the U.S., Akio headed international venture investment at Adobe. Joined Infinity Ventures LLP as co-head partner, rebranded to Headline Asia in 2021. Executed an early-stage investment in a fintech unicorn.

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