Bridging the Gap in Alternative Investing

LUCA streamlines complex investment process and delivers world-class alternative investment opportunities to a wider range of investors

What are alternative investments?

Investments into assets that are not categorized as "traditional” assets such as bonds and stocks

Alternative investments and funds, namely hedge funds, private equity, private debt, commodities, real estate, infrastructure such as roads and railroads, have different correlation of returns from traditional market-linked investments such as bonds and stocks. Funds that invest in less liquid assets are referred to as “private market” funds.

Alternative Investment is a smart choice for your long-term wealth creation

Your traditional investment portfolio correlates constantly with daily market volatility.  Factors such as interest rate, economic cycle, geopolitics, and pandemic keep you awake at night. Alternative investment, less correlated to the markets, offers stable long-term growth in your portfolio.

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Challenges of Alternative Investments

and LUCA's solutions

Sizeable minimum investment amount

Typical minimum investment amount in a private equity fund ranges from 5 to 10 million dollars. Given the need to diversify portfolio, investors in this asset class need to have hundreds of millions of dollars. This puts a high entry bar to alternative assets for investors.

Through its digital platform, LUCA will enable a lower minimum investment amount and provide investment opportunities to a wider range of investors.

Limited information and transparency

Limited information is available when it comes to alternative funds. Terms and conditions of investment funds and industry terminologies often alienate investors with less experience in the asset class.

LUCA sources quality domestic and international alternative funds and introduces them in a way that is easy for non-institutional investors to understand.  LUCA will also provide education sessions for investors and sales staff, to facilitate understanding of investment strategies, markets, funds, and latest news.

Overcomplicated processes

Investment process in alternative funds is complex, including understanding sizable legal documents to sign, KYC, fund application, capital calls, and investment reporting.

LUCA provides a one-stop completion platform that improves the efficiency of this otherwise complicated investment process.

Our mission

For a long time, investors who have access to alternative funds and investments have been severely limited. Consisting of finance industry veterans with global experience, the founding members of LUCA have stood up to enhance efficiency of alternative investments by unlocking opportunities to a bigger audience.

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Better onboarding


Complicated and time-consuming client onboarding, from eKYC to application, can be completed simply with just your smartphone.

Better access

Easy to compare funds

LUCA’s format is organized in a way that makes it easy to compare fund documents, which tend to be in very distinctive styles. The data room has all the necessary documents in one place, reducing the need for email exchanges.

Better transparency


Investment-related administrative procedures, such as capital call notifications, payment confirmations, and document signatures, can be easily viewed on LUCA’s dashboard, ensuring that there are no omissions in communication with clients.The platform also allows investors to check the status of their portfolios by providing regular reports on the progress of their investments.



Keiko Sydenham
Co-founder/CEO ​
Motoya Kitamura
Co-founder / Director​
Akio Tanaka
Co-founder/ Director
Akihiko Okamoto​
Yuki Narukawa
Operation Manager


Q. Can anyone invest through LUCA platform?

A. Alternative investment funds have investor requirements. Investors who meet requirements such as attributes of their asset status are eligible to trade. Specifically, investors who are classified as specified investors are eligible. 

Q. How do I get started as an investor?

A. You can get started as an investor with LUCA platform by contacting us with the form above and find out if you qualify to invest as an accredited investor.

Q. Are alternative investment products focused on Japanese market?

A. No. Both Japan and offshore products are within our scope of investments.

Q. What kind of product can I invest in?

A. Alternative investments such as private equity, venture capital, private debt, real estate and infrastructure funds. We plan to offer a broader range of alternative products in the future.

Q. How do I know my investment performance?

A. The performance of your investments ismanaged and disclosed through LUCA platform.

Q. Can I redeem my share?

A. Asset holding period varies by product but in general, redemption of the shares is not allowed.

Q. From when is the LUCA platform available?

A. We are in the process of preparing for launch. For the latest update please sign up to our newsletter or get in touch through the form below.

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