LUCA Japan announces a strategic partnership with Singapore-based Xen Capital

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LUCA Japan announces a strategic partnership with Singapore-based Xen Capital

January 31, 2022: LUCA Japan Co., Ltd. (“LUCA Japan”), the digital platform for Alternative Investments announces a strategic partnership with Xen Technologies Pte. Ltd. (“Xen Capital”), the Singapore-based digital platform that provides a white-label alternative investment solution and marketplace.  

Through this strategic partnership, LUCA Japan will collaborate with Xen Capital to develop a specialized digital platform for the Japan market as well as to source world-class alternative investment fund opportunities.  LUCA Japan currently aims for a soft launch of the product by the end of February 2022.

Xen Capital will build and operate the platform infrastructure to facilitate product distribution, client management, quarterly reporting, and secure transaction settlement.

Keiko Sydenham, CEO at LUCA Japan, commented on the partnership: “Xen Capital’s digital platform is a flexible solution for both B2C and B2B white label customization which aligns with our business strategy. Also, we believe we can build strong fund-sourcing capabilities by collaborating with each other in the region. With this partnership, we can introduce our platform to Japanese market quickly. We are very excited to work with the experienced team at Xen Capital.”  

Katrina Cokeng, CEO of Xen Capital, commented, “We are pleased to launch this exclusive partnership with LUCA to bring global, top-tier alternative investment products to Japanese investors. Our digital investment solution will address the many challenges and pain points that smaller institutional investors, distributors, and high-net-worth investors face in accessing these products. We look forward to collaborating with Keiko and her team, who bring extensive experience and knowledge of the industry.  

LUCA Japan, established in July 2021, was co-founded by CEO Keiko Sydenham, the venture capital fund Headline Asia, and Northvillage Investment Co., Ltd. It aims to make alternative investment more efficient and accessible for investors in Japan with a one-stop digital solution. LUCA Japan will provide various investment opportunities, such as private equity, venture capital, private credit, real estate, and infrastructure funds. LUCA Japan is a member of Fintech Association of Japan.  

About Xen Capital

Founded in 2018, Xen Technologies Pte. Ltd. (“Xen Capital”) is a financial technology company that provides a digital client management solution to simplify the product distribution and fund management process for Wealth Advisors and Asset Managers. The platform provides a digital interface to KYC/onboard investors, automate the manual process related to closing subscriptions, and manage fund subscription and reporting. With an increasingly digital savvy investor landscape, Xen Capital enables Wealth Advisors and Asset Managers to broaden their distribution networks and access the most relevant deals at scale. To learn more, visit xencapital.com.

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