Registration of Specially Permitted Businesses for Qualified Institutional Investors, etc. (“SPBQII”)


LUCA Japan Co., Ltd. (“LUCA Japan”) has submitted notificationto the Financial Services Agency for the following SPBQII and was accepted.


〇 Name of theInvested Business Entity (“Fund”)

LUCA Fund I L.P. Cayman


〇 Information ofthe Fund

-      Type of instrument: Others

-      Operation of the Fund:Making commitment to Monroe Capital Income Plus Corporation

-      Business category: Privateplacement and investment management


About LUCA Japan Co., Ltd.

LUCA Japan, established in July 2021, was co-founded by CEOKeiko Sydenham, venture capital manager Headline Asia, and NorthvillageInvestment. It aims to improve efficiency of and access to alternativeinvestment for investors as a one-stop digital solution. LUCA Japan willprovide various investment opportunities, such as private equity, venturecapital, private credit, real estate, and infrastructure funds. LUCA Japan is amember of Fintech Association of Japan.


LUCA のオルタナティブ投資は、複雑な投資プロセスをワンストップで完結できるデジタルプラットフォームを通じて、世界基準の優良ファンドをより幅広い投資家にお届けします。